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Roger and I have been friends since prep school days at St. Mark’s School inSouthborough,MA.  We were roommates and he was eager to be at the school, since his father and uncle had also been graduates of the school.  His dream was to graduate from St. Mark’s.

Unlike Roger, I was afraid to be alone, to away from home and had only known public school education.  Roger was my gateway to four years of debauchery.  Yes, we did study on our way to law school but we also learned a lot of life surviving skills;

One of those skills was to drink an inordinate amount of booze and still get checked in without raising any red flags.

Another skill was writing a term paper at the last minute with the minimal amount of research.  Speaking of research. Roger and I also searched out girls at neighboring schools and had are own rating system.  It went like this on a scale of 0-5.  Five was the top.

First rank was legs: long and lean was the standard.  Next was the hair: blonde and long was key.  Then we looked at eye color and other features or curvatures.

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It was not just the friendship at school, but the summers we spent at the beach.  Roger had the sailboat. Roger was the Captain.  I was his first mate.  Now you know that was a formula for fun and trouble.  We sailed in all seas. I got sick in poor weather, Roger never got sick.  Our boat seemed so small and the ocean so big.  I felt punny and Roger felt masterful.  I watched the master to the point that once I was in the lawyer position, I just pretended I was Roger and it all worked out.  If you can’t be authentic, try imitation.  Some Greek philosopher must have said that.

Back to our summers, there were the tennis matches where I was ground into a half way decent player. All

the sneaky plays: ace serves, net plays, long balls down the side lines and

I could go on and on.

So what advice would I give the bride?  Only play as partners with Roger in tennis.  Do not go sailing in bad weather.

Stay close to Roger’s old friends: they know him best and will protect you.

So I would like to say that the bride is a straight 5 on all our rating scales.  I would like to say his father and uncle were right that St. Mark’s prepared us for life, especially critical thinking.

I wish the bridal all the fun that we have enjoyed in our journey to this moment.

I hope that their life together will be all 5s.

I hope St. Mark’s is ready for further generations.  This school which taught us so much about being men in the world.

We have common friends we made for life.  It is a privilege to have been his room mate, friend, and now best man.

Let’s raise our glasses in toast.


by Jindex

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