How To Start Speeches for Best Man

Planning a wedding whether it is an intimate affair or a grand occasion with hundreds of guests is always a very special event. A wedding can be just what you want it to be and the same goes for the speech a best man has to give at it. It can be as individual as the person themselves.

A best mans’ speech is one that all the guests will remember, it is something that will grab their attention and make them smile at the anecdotes the best man adds to his dialogue as he describes the happy couple. There are cases when the speech has gone terribly wrong and has resulted in the bride being in floods of tears or even a punch or two being thrown. But the opposite is just as true when the best man’s speech has been so moving that it is repeated over and over again, to become a great and memorable one. You can only hope that if it falls to you as a best man at a wedding, your speech will be as good as the one that is always remembered.

Making Good Speeches for Best Man

A typically good best mans’ speech normally follows a certain format which can almost guarantee that it will go down well with both bride and groom, as well as all the wedding guests. This method of giving a speech will make the task a lot easier to cope with, even if you are nervous about speaking in front of so many people.

Beginning of the Speech

The first thing you have to do is to get all the wedding guests’ attention, after which you need to stand proudly and speak as clearly as you can, this will draw their attention to you as a speaker and will help to prevent people talking over you.

When all the guests have their eyes glued to you, then it is time to tell them about your relationship with the bride and groom. This will let everyone know just who you are and why you are standing in front of them giving a speech about the couple. Make sure you focus on the bride and groom which means your audience will follow suit and watch the happy couple as well instead of staring at you.

Middle of the speech

Around the middle of the speech you should put in some of your favourite anecdotes about the groom, the bride and both of them together, but always make sure there is nothing offensive in what you are saying about them. If you keep it light hearted and a little bit humorous and you are bound to be met with success.

Once the laughter has died down, you can be sure you have done your job well, and the happy couple will not regret having chosen you for their best man. It is now you can tell people about your own aspirations for the couple and share what you think of them with all the wedding guests. Tell the guests what a perfect couple they make, of how nice it will be for them to spend the rest of their lives together.

The all-important closing

All the best speeches at this point finish with a toast to the bride and groom, you should raise your glass to them and invite the wedding guest to join you in wishing the happy couple long and prosperous lives together. Make sure you are looking straight at the couple to show them the sincerity of your words.

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