My Groom Wedding Speech Story


Submitted by Anonymous     The wedding day is crazy enough to get to the church in time and remember to call the women who marry under the correct name. Besides that, you have to give a speech at your reception, in front of her family and friends. Here are some simple tips on writing a [...] Read more »

How to Use Sample Wedding Speech Templates

Wedding speeches templates you can find onlineWhen you agree to be a member of a wedding party, you have to be prepared to deliver a wonderful speech to all the guests who are attending the reception. The best way to go about preparing this is to look for a sample of a wedding speech on [...] Read more »

Groom Wedding Speeches – Tips for The Big Preperation

groom wedding speeches

Groom Wedding Speeches It may seem that after the wedding planning is over, there would be nothing else to worry about. You thought the proposal was nerve racking! Have you thought about your grooms speech? The wedding is arranged, the honeymoon planned and you’ve been fitted for your tuxedo. It wasn’t until then, did you realize you [...] Read more »